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Sounds of Home CD

The Game
(Rounder 2014)

Blue Highway's new CD

Featuring 12 original songs, The Game is "arguably the definitive distillation of Blue Highway's collective identity—an identity that’s immediately recognizable, though not at all narrow. Precious few bluegrass bands could match the depth, breadth and clarity of this set."

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QuotationWhen writing about Blue Highway, it’s practically de rigueur to make a beeline for the topic of the band’s longevity—and with excellent reason. You seldom see a bluegrass unit remain intact, inspired and in-demand over the long haul the way this decorated quintet has.  Rather than assemble another retrospective—which they’d already done for their 15-year anniversary—Tim Stafford, Rob Ickes, Wayne Taylor, Shawn Lane and Jason Burleson are marking their twentieth year of creative partnership in a manner befitting the riveting storytellers they are: with a new album, The Game.... Small wonder that Blue Highway’s audience keeps coming back for more, so rich are the results when these complementary talents bring their best to the table. - Jewly Height

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The Game
The Game
(Rounder 2014

The Game
(Rounder 2014)

  1. The Game
  2. Remind me of You
  3. Dogtown
  4. All The Things You Do
  5. A Change Of Faith In Tennessee
  6. Talk Is Cheap
  7. Church Bell Wedding Blues
  8. Where Jasmine Grows
  9. My Last Day In The Mine
  10. Just To Have A Job
  11. Funny Farm
  12. Hicks's Farewell

Sounds of Home CD
Sounds of Home
(Rounder 2011)



Sounds of Home
(Rounder 2011)

  1. I Ain’t Gonna Lay My Hammer Down
  2. Sounds of Home
  3. Bluebird Days
  4. Restless Working Man
  5. Heather and Billy
  6. Storm
  7. Roaring Creek
  8. Only Seventeen
  9. If You’ve Got Something to Say
  10. My Heart was Made to Love You
  11. Nobody’s Fault but Mine
  12. Drinking from a Deeper Well

Some Day CD

Some Day: The Fifteenth Anniversary Collection
(Rounder, 2010)
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Some Day: The Fifteenth Anniversary Collection
(Rounder 2010)  

  1. Cold and Lowdown Lonesome Blues
  2. Through the Window of a Train sound clip
  3. Bleeding for a Little Peace of Mind (with special guest Darrell Scott)
  4. Monrobro sound clip
  5. Some Day
  6. Still Climbing Mountains sound clip
  7. The Seventh Angel
  8. Elzic's Farewell
  9. Sycamore Hollow sound clip
  10. Seven Sundays in a Row sound clip
  11. Wild Urge to Ramble sound clip
  12. Marbletown sound clip
  13. Wondrous Love sound clip

Through the Window of a Train CD

Through the Window of a Train
(Rounder, 2008)
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Through the Window of a Train
(Rounder 2008)  

  1. Life of a Travelin' Man sound clip
  2. Through the Window of a Train sound clip
  3. Sycamore Hollow sound clip
  4. Homeless Man
  5. Where Did the Morning Go?
  6. Two Soldiers
  7. The North Cove sound clip
  8. A Week from Today
  9. My Ropin' Days Are Done
  10. Blues on Blues
  11. V-Bottom Boat
  12. Just Another Gravel in the Road

Through the Window of a Train is the 2008 IBMA Song of the Year. For short soundclips, click on the loudspeaker next to song titles.

Marbletown CD
(Rounder, 2005)


  1. Marbletown
  2. Lazarus
  3. Nothing but a Whippoorwill
  4. Tears Fell on Missouri
  5. I Used to Love Parades
  6. Three-Finger Jack
  7. Message from the Wind
  8. Quarter Moon
  9. Wild Urge to Ramble
  10. No Home to Go Home To
  11. Wild Bill
  12. Endless Train

Wondrous Love CD

Wondrous Love
(Rounder, 2003)


Wondrous Love

  1. Wondrous Love
  2. Traveling Preacher
  3. Wicked Path of Sin
  4. I'm Asking You
  5. Live on Down the Line
  6. Chasing After the Wind
  7. Seven Sundays in a Row
  8. This World Is Not My Home
  9. Ahead of the Storm
  10. Old Brush Arbors
  11. The Ground is Level at the Foot of the Cross
  12. It Won't Be Long
  13. The Old Rugged Cross

Still Climbing Mountains CD

Still Climbing Mountains
(Rounder, 2001)


Still Climbing Mountains

  1. Still Climbing Mountains
  2. Monrobro
  3. Mountain of the Lord
  4. Boulder City Dam
  5. Ridin' The Danville Pike
  6. Life Without You
  7. Union Man
  8. Only a Thought Away
  9. Buck Hill
  10. This Ain't the First Time I've Walked in these Shoes
  11. Uncle Fred
  12. The Seventh Angel (Introduction)
  13. The Seventh Angel
  14. Goodbye For A While

Blue Highway CD

Blue Highway
(Ceili Music, 1999)


Blue Highway       

  1. Born with a Hammer in my Hand
  2. Troubles Up and Down the Road
  3. Clay and Ottie
  4. Lonesome Hearted Blues
  5. Man of Constant Sorrow
  6. I am Near the Gate
  7. I Hung My Head
  8. Don't Come Out of the Hole
  9. That Could Be You
  10. Lonely Old Town
  11. It Wasn't You
  12. Father I Know Why

Midnight Storm CD

Midnight Storm
(Rebel Records, 1998)



Midnight Storm       

  1. I'd Rather be a Lonesome Pine
  2. Pikeville Flood
  3. Some Day
  4. Midnight Storm
  5. Keen Mountain Prison
  6. Getting Over You
  7. Last Dollar Blues
  8. He Walked All the Way Home
  9. Cold Frosty Morn
  10. Find Me Out on a Mountaintop
  11. Wither Thou Go
  12. May Your Life be Sweet and Simple


Wind to the West CD

Wind to the West
(Rebel Records, 1996)


Wind to the West      

  1. Wind To the West
  2. Howling Wind
  3. I Can Stand the Truth
  4. Good Time Blues
  5. Two Coats
  6. The Rounder
  7. I Let A Good Woman Go
  8. Clear Cut
  9. God Moves in a Windstorm
  10. Horseshoe Bend
  11. The Last Hand Loader
  12. Huntsville
  13. Between the Rows

It's a Long, Long Road
(Rebel Records, 1995)



It's a Long, Long Road       

  1. It's a Long, Long Road
  2. Lonesome Pine
  3. Canadian Bacon
  4. Before the Cold Winds Blow
  5. Blue Ridge Mountain Girl
  6. Farmer's Blues
  7. The One I Left Behind
  8. In the Gravel Yard
  9. England's Motorway
  10. Flannery's Dream
  11. Lord Won't You Help Me
  12. Say, Won't You Be Mine

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