a big thanks for 15 years
posted by Rob 01.19.09

It's almost impossible to believe: Blue Highway is celebrating our 15th year together. Remarkably, we're at this milestone with all of the original musicians who first performed as "Blue Highway" on Dec. 31, 1994.

On behalf of everyone in the band, I'd like to send out a huge "thanks" to everyone who has joined us in some way during our 15-year journey. If you've come out to our performances, bought our music, participated in a workshop, or hosted us in your town, you're part of the reason we've had the privilege of a 15-year run, and we hope you'll join us in celebrating!

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may winners:  maria camillo (wintergrass photo) and grayson mcmurray (random drawing)
posted 06.02.09

Wintergrass!  What's not to love?  This month's winning photo by Maria Camillo captures a moment at this beloved Pacific Northwest fest.  Meanwhile, Lady Luck (hiding behind the curtain at random.org) has pointed to Grayson McMurray of Kingsport, TN as the monthly random drawing winner.  Congrats!

liberty lunch shots win the april prize for ken brown; larue wins random drawing
posted 05.01.09

"Liberty Lunch":  those words bring on a wave of nostalgia for Austin, TX music fans.  Ken Brown's black and white photos of Tim and Rob win the April prize in the 15th Anniversary photo contest.  And the random number generator at random.org has selected Larue of Sacramento, CA in the April random drawing. Congratulations, Ken and Larue, and watch your inbox for prize info!

MARCH WINNERS:  Brent LibhaRT (photo) and CHUCK KETTERMAN (Random Drawing)
posted 03.31.09

A shot of Blue Highway gathered around the mic to sing "I Am Near the Gate" wins Brent Libhart the March photo contest prize.  See Brent's photo here. And the random number generator of random.org has selected Chuck Ketterman of Weaverville, NC for the March random drawing.  Congrats, Brent and Chuck, and check your email inbox!             

february's winning photo: country festival, zurich, switzerland 1998 (lilly pavlak, photographer)
posted 02.28.09, with comments by Tim

Country Festival, Zurich, Switzerland

The look is Monument Valley, but the actual location for this performance was Zurich, Switzerland, where Blue Highway performed at the Country Festival.  Tim Stafford recalls:  "This was from a tour the band did in 1998 in Zurich, Switzerland. Looks like the band is probably doing "Some Day." I remember that this audience didn't really get us until we did "Deuling Banjos..." But the wiener schnitzel was good.. Our host was an unforgettable guy named Albi Matter."  Lilly Pavlak is the photo contest winer for February for submitting this vintage pic.  Thanks, Lilly!  For more photos, including contributions from Rae Augenstein, Joan Bullard, Dave Currie, Becky Johnson, Brent Libhard, Lilly Pavlak, and Sandy Stallcup, visit the 15th Anniversary Photo Album.

February's winner of the monthly drawing, selected at random from everyone who has sent an anniversary greeting, is Kevin Jackson of Bristol, VA.  Everyone who sends an anniversary greeting will be eligible for this random drawing all year long.

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JANUARY WINNERS: Bill & nina riley
posted 02.02.09

Thanks to everyone who has sent an Anniversary Greeting! The random sequence generator at random.org has selected Bill and Nina Riley of London, Ohio as the winners of the monthly drawing for January, winning them a free "goodie" from the BH Store.  Congrats to Bill & Nina (well alright, then!)  (And for everyone else who has sent a greeting: your name will stay in the pot for the monthly drawings for the rest of the year, so watch this space for your name!)

Gracie Muldoon, WorldWideBluegrass

from Gracie Muldoon, WorldWideBluegrass.com

We've always got one of your tunes spinnin' at the WWB ~ WorldWideBluegrass.com ~ because you guys never let us down - always the best comin' down that Blue Highway! Hard to believe we've been on the "Highway" that long - 15 years! I guess 'cause time flies when you're having fun and you guys sure do make Bluegrass FUN to listen to!
Congratulations and give us 15 MORE YEARS!

~ Gracie

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Congratulations Tim, Jason, Rob, Shawn and Wayne for 15 years of the Best In Bluegrass

from Charlie Hall, WCYO-FM


When I'm putting a show together I can always look to Blue Highway to fill the right spot on the show that needs that special song that you guys are known for. Best wishes!

~ Charlie Hall

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From songwriter Bobby Starnes:
When I think of Blue Highway I think about what you have contributed to the world of bluegrass. How you have helped take bluegrass to another level in your writing and producing. Your work will stand the test of time. As we look back in admiration of Bill, Lester, Earl, Ralph, Carter, etc., it is probably hard for you to imagine (in your humbleness) that one day your name too will be solidified in the Bluegrass Hall of Honor for your great achievements and contributions to bluegrass music.

As we get older, 15 years old doesn't seem that old but in "bluegrass band" years that's got to be about 93 years old or more! You guys are the best! Here's to at least 93 more years!!
~ Bobby Starnes, Kingsport, TN

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More Anniversary greetings:

I first heard the band at Merlefest 1996 and was so impressed with the freshness. The singing, picking and songs were right in the bluegrass tradition but had something new as well. Hard to believe it has been fifteen years for you guys-congratulations!
~ Paul Koptak, Chicago

Congrats guys. You deserve all accolades you receive. here's to another 15!
~ Kim Yates, Warrenton, VA

HAPPY 15th ANNIVERSARY Blue Highway!! Here is to many many many more anniversaries and much more great bluegrass music!
~ Keith Turner, Marion, NC

Thanks guys for all the great music. I've only had a couple of chances to see you live; both shows were great (KY Lake and ResoSummit) enjoy all your albums - oops I mean cds. Really like your song selection and song writing,all of you are great artists and it shows on every cut. Keep up the great work and Ill be looking forward to many more years of listening.
~ John Bamberger, St. Louis

Many congratulations to Blue Highway. To still be together with the original line-up you must be great friends and it shows in your performances.
I hope you continue together for many more years....but come over to the UK a bit more often please!
~ Dave and Diane Currie, Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire, UK

What a GREAT milestone. Congratulations to a fantastic batch of fellows, personally & professional. Looking forward to the next 15 years!
~ Lance Cowan, Cane Ridge, TN

Congrats Guys! You are always a fan favorite at Bristol Rhythm & Roots.
~ Kathi Leniski, Bristol, VA

Hi Guys and Congratulations!!
Your hard work and talent has paid off in the past 15 years. That's evident! Thanks for the music and the friendship.
Continued success.
~ Larry Guy, Benton, TN

Congratulations on this big accomplishment. To have all members intact for such a long period is uncharacteristic of bands today. Thank you also for such incredible music.
~ Jimmy Mac, Alliston, AL

It's a rare achievement to last so long as one unchanged group and be as vibrant a force in your chosen field of endeavor. Please continue to provide such fresh and sparkling music for all us who enjoy it year in and out. Looking forward to our next encounter.
~ Geoff Stelling - stellingbanjo.com

Back when we were conducting early mad experiments in a fetid NYC laboratory / apartment without fresh air or natural light, Blue Highway was a HUGE inspiration for me 'n Brandi. In fact, if it hadn't a-been for you all, there might not a-been an "us-all"...& we'd probably still be desperately trying to create a race of giant atomic robot clowns to help us rule the world.
Happy Anniversary guys, you all deserve it... here's to another 15!
Thanks for all the GREAT music, & your friendship. With love, from your fans:
- Buddy, Brandi & all of The Dixie Bee-Liners

Only people who have played and traveled in bands can understand the uniqueness of such longevity. Being in a group such as Blue Highway is really like being part of a close knit family - with all the joy, drama, anxiety, commitment and love that goes with such an arrangement. I traveled with you on our trip to Alaska last year and got a chance to witness the respect and admiration you have for each other as both individuals and talented musicians. You are really special. You touch all of our lives with the words and melodies you have given us. On behalf of my wife, Karen, and myself - thank you!
~ Tom Thorpe, Voorheesville, NY

A big happy 15th to you all. You've been a hit with us since the first time we saw you and it only gets better. I know your latest cd is HOT but I still love listening to the oldies too. Especially that one with that Stang song on it!!
Hope to see you this summer in the Ohio area. Well alright then.
~ Bill and Nina Riley, London, OH

Congratulations on your 15th Anniversary. The entire bluegrass music family is blessed by your dedication and perseverence. Your are great ambassadors and your music is sure to endure beyond this milestone times 10.
~ Dan Hays (Executive Director, IBMA)

Thanks to your music, writing and musicianship my life is easier to contend with. I like to count my blessings, and having your tunes in my life has helped me manage the trials and challenges of everyday living. Your gifts of making sound touch my heart and your tender wordsmithing remind me of our American history. Blue Highway is the road I use to travel to my past as a soldier. Blue Highway is the freeway to my love of America. Thank you for all you do! Hope, we get to do this again in another 15 years!
~ Dave, Huntington Woods, MI

I've enjoyed you guys for a long time. Your live performances are as fresh today as the first time I saw y'all! I appreciate the conversations we've had at festivals, etc. Looking forward to your next CD releases.
~ Doug, New Milford, CT

Hey BH guys! I'm really glad you're back at Wintergrass this year. I'll see you there! The latest CD is wonderful -- great writing.
~ Bob French, Norman, OK

Pick On, Brothers! I have been a fan for many of these 15 years. I first saw you at Merlefest and I have been a fan ever since. My most recent visit was to the festival up in Boone last fall. Bluegrass is a part of my life and I owe thanks to you for opening my eyes to this great genre. Good luch in the next 15!
~ Scott Johnson, Waxhaw, NC

Congratulations on your 15 year anniversary. This is a huge milestone for a Bluegrass Band - they usually break up before I know all their names. Thank you all for making such wonderful music. I look forward to a great show at the Down Home in Johnson City, TN in March.
~ David Louden, Piney Flats, TN

Along about 1999 I started listening to KPIG in Freedom, CA thru the internet. I think it was there I first heard Blue Highway. And fall of '03, Blue Highway played the Strawberry Festival near Yosemite. I had already worn out Still Climbing Mountains, song by song. There are just some things in life that are balanced, spot on, and bring to you things you can't get anywhere else in life. Blue Highway, you are one of those balanced and spot on things to me.
Thanks so much for the music, keep it coming folks!!
~ Larue, Sacramento, CA

About those first 15 Blue Highway years, WELL DONE! I am looking forward to also celebrating your 20th, 25th, 30th anniversaries and beyond. Keep up the good work! You guys have made a difference.
~ Mike B., Bluefield, VA

Congratulations Guys! How wonderful that you're still making beautiful music together after all these years. Looking forward to seeing you somewhere around in 2009!!! Best Wishes and Safe Travels,
~ Dody, Galloway, OH

In early 1995, I was privileged to accompany the members of Blue Highway to WNCW in Spindale, NC, as they did an on-air interview as well as play some live music. We shared a meal in town and made our way to Valdese, NC, for a show hosted by Russ Jordan at The Old Rock School. This was possibly the band's first show in North Carolina. I was captivated by the band's sound . . . Pride was a factor in my fondness for this band: I had known Jason Burleson for several years and was so glad to see him be in a new, unique band situation. I'm still proud of Jason and count the remainder of the band as familiar acquaintances if not good friends.
~ Michael Ramsey, Morganton, NC

Congratulations Blue Highway! It's always a pleasure and a real treat to see you all play your hearts out! Great Songs - Great Musicianship - Great Vocal Harmonies!
~ Regina Bartlett, Watsonville, CA

I haven't known about you for 15 years, only about 2 - but it's quite a run, 15 years with all the same band members. You guys need more dobro though (LOL). See you at Wintergrass.
~ Steve Branscom, Gig Harbor, WA

Thanks you guys for giving us such great music and forging a new niche in the Bluegrass World over the past 15 years. I can't wait to see and hear what you guys do with the next 15 years as a band!
~ Scott Washburn, Plymouth, MN

Rob I listen to a lot of your playing as I play Dobro also; I have only been playing for about 2 years but have picked it up pertty good. Keep up fhe good work and hope to see you in Ohio sometime.
~ Perry Smith, Ashland, OH

Congratulations! Can't wait to hear what you do next!
~ Paul McCallum, Thousand Oaks, CA

Thanks Blue Highway for sticking together and putting together over a decade's worth of great music. Your crisp, clean sound is still fresh and your shows are always fun and entertaining. Keep up the great work.
~ Mike Rayburn, Brentwood, TN

You guys are hands down my favorite bluegrass band. I guess I started listening to you in about 1996. Hope you all keep playing for another 15 years. We recorded one of your songs, Lonesome Pine on our first cd. You have no idea what a big deal it was for us to get to meet you all after we did that recording when you came to Albuquerque.
~ Tony Smith, Albuquerque, NM

Happy Anniversary. Glad you guys have stayed together all these years and provided us with some great music to listen to.
~ Phil Donahue, East Aurora, NY

The first time I heard your music was at my brother's memorial service in December, 2004. His favorite CD was "Wondrous Love" and the entire CD was played while we gathered for the service. I immediately became a big fan. When our only son died in April of 2005, your music helped us so much. Not long after his passing we were blessed to see you for the first time in Mt. Airy. Keep on keeping on. God Bless.
~ Linda Appleton, Burlison, TN

Guys, I've followed your music from the start. Being from Kingsport TN I knew Tim Stafford from school. You have continued to grow with each passing year, and I wanted to send best wishes and good luck for the NEXT 15 years.
~ Tom Jennings, Kingsport, TN

A great 15 years. Bluegrass is lucky to have you, so are the fans. Hope you have 15 more.
~ John, Slocomb, AL

Fifteen years! And it seems like only last century. What else can you expect from a group that not only has great singing, great picking, AND great songwriting, but has extraordinary development of, and consistency in creating an instantly recognizable group sound? No swollen egos, no constantly changing personnel - just great music done to perfection. Plus, you have the only international Bluegrass music star from Millbrae, CA. There's no other band that can say that!
~ Leigh Hill, Felton, CA

Happy 15th Anniversary! Hope you all come to Missouri soon!
~Natalie, St. James, MO

It's a remarkable thing to keep the same people together for that long and the music that results is fabulous. I consider "Wondrous Love" to be one of my "Desert Island" CDs. As an aspiring dobro player, I was blessed with the chance to learn from Rob at Grand Targhee music camp and the learning continues . . . Keep making the music and sharing it with us!
Sue Decker, Edmonton, AB CANADA

Congratulations on your 15 years TOGETHER! Clearly,one of the main reasons that you have been and continue to be at "the top of your game" is that somehow (??) you have managed to keep the group together. We always know that we will always hear the quality and consistent sound of Blue Highway.
~ Randy Lyon, Olney, Maryland

I want to extend a big congratulatory message; you guys are really resilient in staying together for 15 years. Your music really speaks to my soul as a whole, & it's fun to listen to when I'm riding along in a car. I had the great fortune of seeing you guys @ the Prism in 1998 & 2000, Christopher Run 2004 & Graves Mountain 2008. Happy miles & smiles. Peace in your roadwork.
~ Joan Bullard, Charlottesville, VA

Hey Guys, Thanks for some great Grass Kicking Music. Keep up the good work.
~ Wayne Sexton, Bristol, VA

Happy 15th Anniversary. I have purchased all your CD's, most of the guitar teaching aids, and can say you are the band that keeps getting better with age, the music fresh, artistic and always pleasantly surprising. I am a amateur bluegrass artist but have always been able to reach members of the band when I have questions. You have a band blueprint that allows individuality while always working together. I sure many younger bands look to you for leadership and example. Keep kickin out the songs as long as God gives you breath! I'll have my credit card ready!
~ Walt -- a Chicago fan and bluegrass fanatic

I've been listening and loving Bluegrass music for the past 47 years and you guy are the best. It isn't just your song selections which are fabulous. It isn't just your picking which is among the best there has ever been. It isn't just your fantastic harmony singing wish ranks at the very top.....its EVERYTHING! Best wishes for another 15 years and ever more success during those years.
~ Peter Netka, Salt Lake City, UT

Where does the time go? The music just gets better and better. Thanks for sticking together all these years and putting out all that great bluegrass; you guys are my favorite music group. Keep up the great work.
~ Tammy T., Granite Falls, NC

Congratulations on fifteen years. It is great to have the talent to write most of the music you perform. It always sounds like Blue Highway, but each recording is fresh, with new themes and ideas. Tim and Jason, Thanks for your friendship. It has been a highlight of my musical career to share a few tunes with you guys. May the highway go on into the future, taking us to the places and times we can only visit in our imaginations through your songs.
~ Glen Harlow, Bristol, VA

This is truly unheard of in the world of music, do not know of anyone who has done it before. Keep up the good work and hope you stay togather just as long as you can. Hope to hear more songs like SOMEDAY from you guys. Thanks for the great music.
~ James Galla, Wills Point, TX

Tim & all the boys in the band, keep up the good music; there's no one out there that can come up to you'all. My sister Eva would really be proud of you if she were here.
~Margaret Witt, Kingsport, TN

For The Lonesome Hill Gang, you all have been our biggest inspiration!
We hope to emulate the same "drive" and focus! Congratulations, and thank you for being so tangible! With love and care,
~ The Jacobsons. St. James, MO

We all know that great wine becomes greater with age and Blue Highway is no exception. It seems like yesterday since we heard Blue Highway at the Festival International in Lafayette, La., the fans refusing to let BH to leave the stage! Always a great performance and we always leave with memories. Blue Highway cuts to the core and hearts of everyday Americans and genuine grassroots music. Thanks Tim, Wayne, Jason, Rob, and Shawn for what you have shared of yourselves and the joy you have given to your fans! May you have many more 15 year anniversaries!
~ Martin and Melanie Francois, Lafayette, Louisiana

Happy Anniversary !!!! I've realy enjoyed your music and Rob's instructional materials over the years. Keep up the great work.
~ Ed, Deland, FL

You have been well blessed to still be together. I’m looking forward to hearing and seeing you closer to the Tampa Bay area. May God always be your companions wherever you go or what ever you do.
~ Ruby Roberts, Valrico, FL

Roses are Red and the Highway is Blue / Another 15 more years and we hope you do too!! Cheers from
~ THE HOUSE OF PLANK in Helsby, England

I'm wishing you all another wonderful 15 years together. I have all your CD's and I think you are great and would love to see you, please come to Michigan! Keep up the wonderful music and great singing!!
~ Kay Hendrix, Romulus, MI

15 Years! That's amazing and it must be some kind of record given the turn-over in some other bands. Always looking forward to your next CD and thanks so much for all the great music to date. You Guys Are The Best!
~ Craig Marce, Vancouver, B.C.

"Conhugegrats" to the Blue Highway for rollin long as you have and hopefully will in God's light. You guys reinvent newgrass.
~ JW Fonte, San Diego

Happy Anniversary guys! In my opinion, you're the best Bluegrass band ever! Keep up the wonderful work and thanks for not forgetting your fans! Blue Highway rules!
~ Lynn Swaim, Elkin, NC

You guys are great gentlemen of bluegrass. The musicanship is top notch. Being together for 15 years shows you are more than a band, you are brothers.
~ Dan Harden / Reel Tyme String Band

Hi fellas. Congratulations on 15 years of success. I am so proud to have been a part of that when you honored me by letting me produce Marbletown. I know you've got at least another 15 years in you.
~ Your biggest fan,  Scott Rouse

I first saw you at the lake at Brian College Station and WOW - that was my first bluegrass festival and you guys rocked the house. Tim, Wayne and Rob signd my guitar which i still have to this day.  I wish all of you the very best and may God Bless you and your family.
~ Randy Undewood, Bluegrass Veterans Band, Temple, Texas

Thanks guys for the past fifteen years and for staying together. You all have endured. I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the song Some Day. This song has touched many people's lives and has been a blessing to so many.
~ Terry Adkins, Lick Creek, KY

Happy Anniversary guys! Thanks for all of your great music and beautiful inspiration.
~ Adam Frehm, Colchester, VT

I really enjoy listening to your music and watching you perform. It's nice to see a band stay together. Keep up the good work!
~ Chuck Ward, Albemarle, NC

I LOVE Blue Highway! You guys are just the best - on and off stage! Congratulations!
~ Jill Crabtree, Nashville, TN

A big congratulation and best wishes from Germany (Bavaria, near Munich)!  In my opinion Blue Highway is today's best Bluegrass band and so I hope that you will release also the next 15 years many records! Please tell me: when will you go on tour through Germany?
~ David Beutlrock, Bavaria, Germany

You've been an incredible inspiration in my learning to listen, appreciate, and play music. You truly are the best bunch of pickers, singers, and human beings out there. Keep up the great work and music for another 15 years and then some! I hope to catch you in Gettysburg, PA this summer.
~ Brent Libhart, Elizabethtown, PA

You guys are great and certainly a great example of what bands should practice to achieve 15 years of producing music that many continue to enjoy and envy in a good way. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! on your continued journey.
~ K.J., Bristol, VA

Blue Highway was for me love at first sight, back in 1995.  I still love you and wish you another at least 15 happy years together.
~ Lilly Pavlak from Switzerland

My wife and I have enjoyed many of your live concerts. Our favorite is when you play the "Down Home". We especailly love your Gospel! We have all your CD's and play them all the time. Keep up the Great Music and we hope you will be around at least 15 more!
~ Chuck Ketterman, Weaverville, NC

We enjoy your music, and are always checking the schedule for places and dates when you come to Oregon....Thank you for following your calling and talents. Congratulations on your acheivements over the past 15 years.
~Kevin & Thelma Reed, Tenmile, OR

Glad to see you're still hanging in there what with music business what it is. My wife and I are big fans but don't get out as much what with economy. We enjoyed finally meeting you in Morehead, KY a couple of years ago on Cave Run beach. I'm in wholesale part of music so your product does get into WalMarts! Here's hoping for another 15+ years. Long live bluegrass!
~ Larry Stidom, Indianapolis, IN

Congrats on 15 years guys! I love every CD! I especially love Shawn's high tenor vocals. You guys should make a video. Keep up the good work!
~ Ms. North. Hollywood, CA

Way to go boys! You guys are great! I especially love the way Jason wears his picks.
~ Shim Tito, Down Home, Johnson City, TN

Great, great musicians and even greater song writers! Probably the nicest bunch of guys you could ever have the luck to get to meet. Plus, I never get tired of Tim and Shawn's jokes. Obviously your passion for bluegrass has and will help you endure throughout the years. Love ya Shawn! You're our hero in Dry Holler!
~ Alicia Powers, Nickelsville byway of Cat Town, VA

Wow, Fresh off a great show in Winters, California, and I have to say without a doubt the best show I have ever seen. I guess 15 years of practice, practice, practice really pays off. I was literally in tears 3 or 4 times last night. The songwriting, the vocals, the pickin' were unbelievable. My first BH show was in a little box canyon in Telluride, CO and that was incredible...but last night was the best. Hurry back Boys!!!! Let's try for another 15!
~ Larry Dickenson, Elk Grove, CA

Bluegrass was never as lucky as it was the day Blue Highway started rollin' down that hard travelled road. Fresh wheels always...love the sound of those wheels!
~ JW Fonte, San Diego, CA

I've been to your concerts either 19 or 20 times since 1998. Your music makes me "feel good" and no matter what bluegrass I listen to, it has to have some Blue Highway mixed in to make things right.  Thanks for all your hard work and really good bluegrass! Hope you have another 15 years together!
~Art LaPrade, Roanoke, VA

Congratulations to a great bunch of guys for making fantastic music for 15 years. I've enjoyed every one of those years and albums right along with you.
I first heard about the band when Tim was doing an interview on Tim White's radio show on WGOC, back when the first album was released. This experience got me back into bluegrass and I've been involved ever since.  My friend Keeley Lowe and I were involved in the Capitol Music Series at the Capitol Theatre in Greeneville, TN for a couple of years. It's been fun. Keep it going!
~ Tim Carter, Limestone, TN

Congratulations on 15 wonderful years to our favorite group in all of bluegrass! We never tire of hearing your tunes or seeing you perform. Here's to AT LEAST 15 more!!
~ Tom & Mindy Peters, Burnsville, NC

Happy Anniversary, Y'all!  If you have a bigger fan, I'd like to meet 'em!  I'm so glad y'all have stayed together. I know you could've gone many different ways, but you haven't. Thank you for that!
~ Shelia Swaim, Alabama

I got a new iPod, so I pulled out all my BH CDs I hadn't heard in a while and I was mesmerized all over again. You guys are the greatest storytellers, musicians, and poets of our age. I am proud to know you. Congratulations on 15 years, I look forward to the next 15.
~ Tim Harkleroad, Bristol, TN

Congratulations on your 15 years anniversary.  It is almost unheard of in bluegrass music to have the original members for that long.  Thanks for all the great music and memories.  I hope you keep it up for a long time. 
~ Allen Pounds, Union City, TN 

You guys take time to talk to the fan - it was very specal for me that Rob took time to talk to me about the dobro and play the song that made me want to learn to play the dobro. God Bless,
~ Bryan Newcomb, Asheville, NC

After 15 years, you guys are still crankin' out killer grass that no one can compare any other band with. Your music has made a real impact on my life and continues to do so every time I see you perform. Congratulations guys! I'm looking foward to the next 15 years of Blue Highway.
~Grayson & Sherry McMurray, Kingsport, TN

Congratulations to one of the finest bluegrass bands there is....and thanks to Jason Burleson for putting Avery County, NC on the map.
~Brenda Hoss, Newland, NC

Congrats on 15 great years in bluegrass. I am sure there are many more to come. I have enjoyed your music from the first time I heard it. I also enjoyed meeting y'all at the avery county fair some years ago. truly it was a treat. God bless!!
~Don Metts, Chapel Hill, NC


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