Still Climbing Mountains

Lyrics:  Still Climbing Mountains

1. Still Climbing Mountains
(Tim Stafford-Shawn Lane/Daniel House Music, BMI-Cat Town Music, BMI)

1) I really thought this time, it'd be an easy hill to climb
But nothing is as easy as it seems
Wish I could stand the heights, just enjoy the sights
But there's always someplace else I want to see

CH) I've been up and down so many times who's counting
And even after coming down from you
I'm still climbing mountains

2) It's another Friday night, the city lights are bright
You'd think for once that I'd resist the call
It carries me away, but always fails to say
“Remember just how much it hurts to fall?”

Br) Sometimes I wonder why I keep on trying
to fly away from what I really need
And I know I'll never make it back to heaven
Guess I'd stand a better chance if I had wings

CH) I've been up and down so much now I've quit counting
And even after falling every time
I'm still climbing mountains

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2. Monrobro
(Rob Ickes-Aubrey Haynie/Sackett's Ride Music, BMI-Aubreyland Music, BMI)


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3. Mountain of the Lord 
(Tim Stafford/Daniel House Music, BMI)

CH) Come to the mountain of the Lord
He will provide

1) God tested Abraham
He said take your only son
Bring Isaac to Moriah
though his life has just begun

2) Offer up a sacrifice
of the lamb you deem most fair
Bring Isaac to the mountain
then you must kill him there

3) That humble Hebrew servant
built an altar in the sky
He bound his son upon it
then he drew his dagger nigh

4) Then an angel of Jehovah
called to Abraham on high
“You've proved to God you're worthy
Take your son, he need not die”

5) Now tell me brother tell me
What would you have done
If God required a sacrifice
of your only precious son

6) Yet Jesus came among us
Through his father's plan on high
To save the world from darkness
His precious lamb did die

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4. Boulder City Dam
(Shawn Lane/Cat Town Music, BMI)

V1) We heard tales of a river being tamed
The Colorado is her name
So I rode off with my brothers to the West
To make my living like the rest

V2) A city built just for the workers there
Conditions to work were less than fair
Our opinions never had a voice
We'd climb the rocks without a choice

CH) We risked our lives and the water still rolls on

V3) Ride 30 miles at the ending of the day
We'd gamble our money all away
But the morning would cause the night to end
Then we'd gamble on our lives again

V4) One day while working in the river bed
I heard a rumble overhead
Saw the men flying through the air
One was my brother lying there

(repeat first verse)

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5. Ridin' The Danville Pike
(Wayne Taylor/Forty WAT Music, BMI)

Cho: Ridin' through the night, on the Danville pike,
I gotta be there by the break of daylight.
Twenty five miles is all I like.
I'm ridin' the Danville pike.

V1: He was the fastest horse anyone had seen,
he was a sorrel pony he was tall and lean.
He'd meet every challenge if they think they must,
he'd leave 'em breathin' heavy in a cloud of dust.
V2: It was just about dark on a Friday night,
not a cloud in the sky and the moon was bright.
We were bound to do somethin' that had never been done,
Make it all the way to Danville on an overnight run.
V3: Big Jim Grayson was a man of means,
he had more money than a poor boy's dreams.
He said here's five hundred dollars cause I know I'm right.
You'll never make Danville by the mornin' light.
V4: Well the watch from my pocket say's it's half past four .
I give up the rein and he begs for more.
With a whole lot of heart and a little luck,
We'll be drinking from the Dan when the sun comes up.

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6. Life Without You
(Tim Stafford-Shawn Lane-Wayne Taylor-Rob Ickes-Jason Burleson/
Daniel House Music, BMI-Cat Town Music, BMI-Forty WAT Music, BMI- Sackett's Ride Music, BMI-Terrible Twos Music, BMI)

V1) Last night I had a dream my dear
I dreamed I saw you again
Your smile was just as lovely as the day it all began
I saw your face I touched your lips I felt your warm embrace
Then I woke up alone and you were still gone
and the loneliness lay in your place

Ch) If death is worse than cryin'
because God took you away
Then why do I long each day to be gone?
Life without you is worse than the grave

V2) If I had my way I'd join you today
I'd leave this old world here below
I'd meet you up there in that land bright and fair
Dear Lord, I'm ready to go
But I'll have to wait here and dream of you dear
 Till my number is called to come home
Until that glad day when I hear you say,
"My Love you're no longer alone."

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7. Union Man 
(Tim Stafford/Daniel House Music, BMI)

1) A short life of trouble in a dark and dusty mine
has been my occupation, now I walk the picket line

2) I was down in bloody Harlan when they tried to organize
The miners faced starvation, you could see it in their eyes

3) The company hired some gun thugs, many miners died it's said
They'd come to kill the Union but they lost their lives instead

4) And it's which side are you on boys, which side are you on?
You're either for the rich man or the Union standing strong

5) I came to New York City in the year of ‘43
We were fighting Hitler's armies in the war across the sea

6) But they would not hire a miner to do a workman's job
at fifteen cents an hour, your pockets they will rob

7) I'll never trust a rich man as long as I draw breath
To keep his golden mansion he'll starve your kids to death

8) And when my life is over, don't mourn my passing long
Organize resistance and keep the Union strong

ch) Here's to every miner who dared to take a stand
who lived to feed his family and died a Union man

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8. Only A Thought Away
(Wayne Taylor/Forty WAT Music, BMI)

V1) When it feels this world is closing in and no one really seems to care.
That's when I close my eyes and to my surprise I smell the perfume in your hair.
I thought I had known other loves in my life but that was before I met you.
Now I have no doubt what love is about you made all my dreams come true.
Ch) No matter how many miles between us,
or how long I have to stay.
No matter how far I am from you,

You're only a thought away.
V2) Often times I fail to tell you, just how important you are in my life.
You're so much more than one person to me,
You're my friend, you're my lover, my wife.
Please don't think I take you for granted, if I forget to tell you how much I care.
Like a ship set adrift on an ocean of darkness, I'd be lost if you weren't there.

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9. Buck Hill  
(Jason Burleson/Terrible Twos Music, BMI)


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10. This Ain't the First Time I've Walked in These Shoes
(Shawn Lane/Cat Town Music, BMI)

V1) I've always tried not to look at things so bad
Tried to make the most of everything I've had
If there's a pattern to my life then I'll end up the one to cry
But I've mastered the art of feeling sad

CH) This ain't the first time I've walked in these shoes
It ain't the first time I've ran across the blues
Love can come and it can go like the rain can turn to snow
It's no surprise to me that you're changing too
This ain't the first time I've walked in these shoes

V2) It's fairly clear to me that love don't last
If the future's anything like the past
I'll walk through this life alone, expect the next one to move on
Chances for me are fading fast

V3) I've given up on finding love that's good
I wouldn't live life over even if I could
I'll carry on if I know me, see right where the next road leads
But I'll wind up just where I've always stood

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11. Uncle Fred 
(Tim Stafford/Daniel House Music, BMI)

1) Uncle Fred, how are you set
for candy bars and cigarettes?
Overalls and kerosene,
baseball caps or magazines?

Let's all go to Brown's today
don't need a map to find the way
Sit on the porch and smoke a few
there's nothing else I'd rather do

v) Tell me ‘bout the time you went
to Chuckey school for fifteen cents
You saw A.P. and Sara too
heard Mother Maybelle play that tune

2) Uncle Fred recalls the day
He left the farm and moved away
sailed across the deep blue sea
from Panama to Waikiki

Served his country, did his time
Still got the pictures in his mind
Scolfield Barracks, Diamond Head
“What a time,” he smiled and said

3) Uncle Fred and R.G. too
Have a seat and tell a few
Been working on that car today
It's out of gas and by the way

Just whittle on that stick a while
Every now and then he'd smile
calloused hands, a pocket knife
tobacco farmer all his life

4) Uncle Fred has passed away
I came to see his grave today
“What a time,” I smiled and said
Still got the pictures in my head

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12. The Seventh Angel   (Introduction)

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13. The Seventh Angel
(Shawn Lane/Cat Town Music, BMI)

V1) I am the lamb of God, the seven seals are in my hand
I sit beside the father, Lord and ruler over all the land
The mysteries of heaven have all been revealed to me
The time is drawing near at hand for the seventh angel all the world to see

CH) With one foot on the land and one on the sea
He'll swear with his hand raised high
Time no longer can be

V2) I am the seventh angel, the time is near for me to fly
I'll come before the father, the one who will be seen by every eye
There'll be silence in heaven before the seven trumpets sound
Then music like thunder right before the time that I come down

Ch) With one foot on the land and one on the sea
I'll swear with my hand raised high
Time no longer can be

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14. Goodbye for a While
(Shawn Lane/Cat Town Music, BMI)

V1) My best friend even when it didn't show
You knew that you could ask and I would go anywhere for you
Our time together here has come and gone
I place some of your favorite flowers on a stone
For you

Ch) I recall your smile and kindness you have shown
And how you made any place feel like a home
I was proud to walk with you every mile
So long my friend
Goodbye for a while

V2) Time's supposed to ease the pain we feel
But the memories after years are still so real
Of you
You'll be right here with me until the day
We meet again and I won't ever fail to say
To you

CH) That I sure love your smile and kindness you have shown
And how you make any place feel like a home
And I'll be proud to walk with you every mile

So long my friend
Goodbye for a while

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  1. Still Climbing Mountains
  2. Monrobro
  3. Mountain of the Lord
  4. Boulder City Dam
  5. Ridin' The Danville Pike
  6. Life Without You
  7. Union Man
  8. Only a Thought Away
  9. Buck Hill
  10. This Ain't the First Time I've Walked in these Shoes
  11. Uncle Fred
  12. The Seventh Angel (Introduction)
  13. The Seventh Angel
  14. Goodbye For A While


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